How to time SELLING & BUYING in this market….

It is a seller’s market, but how do you sell and know you will have a place to live at the right time?

It is all about STRATEGY.

I will help you get your home ready to sell first.  Then we shop with confidence, as a stronger buyer.

I know several lenders who can either do a bridge loan, an equity line from your current home, or other creative financing ideas that will allow you to shop for a home before you sell.  That way, you know you will have a place to live without having to make 2 moves.

We have awesome programs at Coldwell Banker that help you be confident in the process.  RealVitalize allows you to borrow up to 3% of the projected sales price interest-free until closing.  This can give you the money you need to make the necessary repairs or updates to make your home more valuable to buyers.

Terms are often advantageous to the seller today, so you can list your home and tell potential buyers you need a contingency on the purchase contract for you to find suitable housing.  Or, you may prefer an extended occupancy option or even a rent – back option.  I have seen all of these work in today’s market.

What strategy is best for you?  Let me help you create the perfect options for you to move to the property you want to be in for the next stage of your life.