Seller March 25, 2022

My house needs work to sell

This is my specialty!  I will help you get it ready to go.  I have many contacts that can do the things that need done so you can realize top return on your investment!  Whether that is painting, flooring, plumbing repairs, updating older fixtures, packing things away and decluttering….I have found the people we need to get these things done.

With RealVitalize, Coldwell Banker allows you to borrow a percent of the expected sales price interest free to make repairs or updates to the home so it will sell faster and for more money.  You simply pay back what you borrow from your proceeds at closing.  I can help you get to your happy place with proven success over the years.

I also will stage your home as part of my fee.  STaged homes sell faster and for more money than those that are empty or filled with older furnishings.

Allow me to help you take on the chores involved in the selling process.